Amino acid OstroVit Beta Alanine 200 grams


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OstroVit experts recommend buying Beta Alanine (200 g) in order to speed up the process of recovery and regeneration of muscle tissues after training, take endurance during training to a new level, support the growth of muscle volumes, and generally improve the effectiveness of training.

This effect is due to the fact that high-quality beta-alanine stimulates an increase in the level of carnosine in the muscles, due to which the muscle fibers receive an important amino acid supply, become more durable, powerful and voluminous.

Among other things, this supplement helps prevent fatigue, prolongs workouts and neutralizes the production of lactic acid, thereby relieving unpleasant burning sensations in the muscles, as well as increasing overall athletic performance.

The product is ideal for those who are on the path to increasing muscle mass and want to provide their muscles with a complete nourishment of high-quality beta-alanine.


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