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The long-awaited addition of Alpha Lipoic Acid to Olimp's range is a real treat for advanced athletes who understand the mechanisms of growth and the role of metabolism in training success.

Alpha lipoic acid (hereinafter referred to as ALA) is an essential fatty acid that plays an important role in energy production, normal function of nervous tissue, antioxidant defense of the body, etc. However, the most interesting subject for discussion of the properties of ALA is the insulin-like effect of this substance.

Insulin is the most flexible anabolic hormone to manage. It plays a key role in the uptake of nutrients by muscle tissue by activating transport mechanisms on the surface of muscle cells. Because of this ability, insulin is considered a particularly important anabolic factor.

The production of insulin by the pancreas occurs in response to an increase in blood glucose, in other words, insulin is released into the blood after carbohydrate intake. At the same time, insulin helps the tissues of the body to utilize excess glucose and amino acids from the blood. How to superimpose this data on the absorption of protein and carbohydrates by muscles? So, we found out that for increased transport of substances into the muscle cell, the production of insulin is necessary, and for the production of the required amount of insulin, intake of carbohydrates is necessary, and they must have a high glycemic index (fast carbohydrates). In practice, it looks like this: if you combine the intake of amino acids, creatine or protein with a portion of carbohydrates, the insulin produced (in response to the carbohydrates taken) will contribute to the absorption of these substances by muscle tissue.In fact, this is the type of supplementation regimen that most athletes recommend for best results.

The peculiarity of this scheme is that you can increase the release of insulin by increasing the portion of carbohydrates. But we should not forget that carbohydrates in this case are not only insulin stimulants, but also, as always, calories, which tend to be superfluous when there are a lot of carbohydrates in the body. The result is the deposition of excess fat. And then the question arises: how to avoid extra calories and be content with the anabolic properties of insulin? The answer is taking alpha lipoic acid along with important supplements such as protein or creatine. ALA has been scientifically proven to mimic the action of insulin and enhance its effect.

While alpha lipoic acid is a critical ingredient in advanced and expensive supplements, you can get it in its pure form with Olimp's ALA 200.


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