Aqua Kick Pear Power – 10g


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OstroVit Aqua Kick Pear Power is an invigorating blend of taurine and caffeine that can help you get stronger and more motivated, as well as speed up post-workout regeneration. Shortly after use, the supplement will leave you energized and ready for action. Aqua Kick Pear Power will be a great replacement for coffee and energy drinks.

The active substances that make up the supplement enhance the reaction, improve reflexes and maintain coordination of movements. All these properties are very important if you want to achieve the best results in sports.


  • OPTIMAL STIMULATION – The caffeine included in the supplement gives you energy for action. In turn, taurine prolongs this effect and prevents excessive arousal, which often occurs after drinking coffee.
  • MORE POWER – The active ingredients of the supplement increase motivation and also allow you to achieve better results. With Aqua Kick Pear Power, it will be easier for you to beat your own records!
  • BETTER REGENERATION – Taurine has strong regenerating properties. It protects you from catabolism and supplies your muscles with essential nutrients.
  • QUICK PREPARATION – Thanks to Aqua Kick Pear Power sachets, you can prepare a fruity drink in just a couple of seconds and get energy and motivation to action.

OstroVit Aqua Kick Pear Power Active Ingredients
Aqua Kick PEAR ROWER is an effective combination of two active ingredients. Check their properties:

  • Taurine – supports muscle regeneration after exercise and also protects them from oxidative stress. Accelerates metabolism and reduces adipose tissue. In addition, brain activity is stimulated.
  • Caffeine – stimulates the nervous system and speeds up metabolism. Improves mood, reduces fatigue, and also allows you to achieve better results when playing sports.



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