Arginine BioTech USA L-Arginine 90 caps


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L-Arginine is important for prolonged and systematic physical exertion, has a positive effect on the normalization of the functioning of the cardiovascular system and has antioxidant functions. The main features of L-arginine are a powerful vasodilating effect and participation in the production of nitric oxide, which improves the transport of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

An amino acid such as L-Arginine (biotech) is found in many foods, usually high in calories and high in fat. In order to obtain the required amount of this amino acid without excessive consumption of fat, biotech has developed a special product containing only pure arginine. L-Arginine helps keep blood vessels in good shape, prevents their blockage, lowers blood pressure, normalizes blood sugar levels and promotes fat burning in the body. As a result of the above, the risk of problems with the cardiovascular system is reduced and the immune system is strengthened. Arginine promotes the excretion of ammonia formed during protein metabolism and is an antioxidant.


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