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Buy BCAA (400 caps) AB PRO this is to replenish the sports arsenal with high-quality essential essential amino acids (isoleucine, valine, leucine) in the right combination and in the most convenient capsule form.

The supplement will help protect muscles from deformation and catabolism, effectively stimulate the growth of muscle fibers and transform new cells into a solid relief, reduce fat mass in favor of lean muscles, improve strength and endurance, and of course fully recover after exercise.

A third of the muscles are precisely those amino acids that are included in the composition of the presented supplement, and therefore BCAA AB PRO firmly established as one of the main positions in your diet. Gelatin capsules allow you to easily determine the required dosage and get confidence that the effect will be achieved on time. The capsule is designed for every 10 kg of weight, due to which the body will receive a powerful and sufficient amino acid replenishment to stimulate anabolism.

Amino acids from AB PRO these are high-quality raw materials, the right combination of components, an excellent effect, the optimal number of capsules in a package, and of course a justified price.


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