BCAA BSN Amino X 435 g


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Amino-X from the manufacturer BSN – incredibly high-quality effervescent amino acids with high efficiency.

The presence of carefully selected ingredients in the composition helps to reduce fatigue, increase endurance and performance of the body.

Free amino acids and the BCAA complex (BCAA), getting into the body, accelerate protein synthesis, while slowing down catabolism. These processes have a positive effect on the quality and time of recovery after training, both the muscles and the athlete's body as a whole.

The absence of caffeine and sugar in the Amino-X complex is also an important factor, since this feature makes it possible to take the complex at any time of the day.

A huge plus of Amino-X is its high solubility in water, unlike similar amino acid complexes. Thanks to the special components in the composition of Amino-X, you can easily dissolve the powder in water.

In addition, this complex has excellent taste, which will make taking Amino-X a pleasant experience.

So, by using Amino-X, you provide:

• reduced fatigue, improved performance during training,

• fast and effective recovery of muscle tone after training,

• excellent dissolution of the additive in the liquid, excellent absorption by the body.


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