BCAA MST BCAA 1000 – 90 tab


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MST BCAAs – high-quality amino acids with branched chains in tablets. The product is designed specifically for athletes, as it helps to speed up recovery after serious training and enhances protein synthesis, contributing to the set of "lean" muscle mass.

The use of BCA has a positive effect on the body:

  • Enhances protein synthesis. BCA stimulates the production of insulin, which accelerates the entry of essential amino acids into the blood.
  • Slows down catabolism. The intake of leucine in the blood inhibits the production of cortisol, which contributes to the destruction of muscles, so athletes are recommended to take BCA after exercising in the gym.
  • Accelerates regeneration and muscle growth. Taking BCAAs replenishes the supply of the most useful amino acids, contributing to muscle recovery.
  • Promotes fat burning. Taking BCA activates increased secretion of leptin, a hormone that regulates metabolism. As a result, the body spends more calories and "parts" with fat.
  • Used to provide the body with energy. With low-carbohydrate diets, muscle glycogen stores are depleted. The body begins to consume amino acids, taking them, including from the muscles.


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