BCAA MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 Powder 215 grams


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What lies behind the magic numbers 3:1:2? A proportional ratio of three different amino acids for a healthy lifestyle. Together with this drug, you get a patented amino acid complex chain. It supplies the body with all the important vital substances. Incredibly, only one remedy can contain: l-leucine, I-valine, I-isoleucine in appropriate proportions. Each of these acids is needed for a full workout. So you will feel all the advantages of BCAA. Muscle breakdown immediately stops. Their mass and possibility is developing. Excess fat easily leaves our body. It is no secret that the human body is not capable of producing branched-chain amino acids on its own. That's why you have to use supplements. Regarding leucine, there are three grams per serving. This is the ideal volume for our body, especially for heavyweights. Synthesizes muscle protein to the maximum. Muscle damage is excluded, even during periods of intense physical activity. Isoleucine is contained in only one gram, but this element burns glucose. It all translates into additional energy. Valine is represented by two grams. It builds muscle tissue fairly quickly. It also plays the role of a mediator for normal growth and a regenerating agent for various tissues. MusclePharm is worth your attention if only because it was named Brand of the Year. And there are as many as 500 of them in the sports nutrition industry! He was supported by the largest number of users, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. Join and you!


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