BCAA MyProtein BCAA 2:1:1 1000g


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The second most important supplement after protein in an athlete's arsenal of sports nutrition is the combination of three essential amino acids: leucine, valine and isoleucine. BCAAare an important source of amino acids, the right amount of which can not always be obtained from food, the role of which can hardly be overestimated. Their main task is to prevent the destruction of muscle fibers, protect them from catabolic processes, and also promote the recruitment of high-quality muscle mass. This supplement is necessary for taking in any period of the training process, whether it is pre-competition training or off-season.

BCAAs from MyProtein are exceptional in taste. It is a known fact that this sports supplement has a characteristic bitterness, which the brand's specialists were able to skillfully hide.

In addition, this product is securely packaged in a special two-layer bag with increased strength, and a special fastener ensures that the powder does not spill out.

The first number indicates the amount of the component in the unflavoured release form.


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