BCAA QNT BCAA 8500 350 grams


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BCAA 8500 is three special types of amino acids that are collected in one complex. Leucine, valine, and isoleucine function in ways that help with protein synthesis. This product is not only used by bodybuilders and other heavy athletes for rapid recovery after hard long sessions, but amino acids are quite popular among fans of lighter workouts to preserve muscles and most actively grow new ones. The fat burning effect is also a nice addition to the other features of this product.
It is a complex of amino acids that have branched side chains. They promote anabolic processes, improve immunity, maintain a sufficient nitrogen level. Amino acids are the basic source of energy reserves, they help release insulin. This product stimulates protein synthesis, prevents its splitting. This irreplaceable product has a unique molecular structure, quickly restores the body, increases performance and endurance. The muscles grow at a high speed thanks to the active components of this complex. Amino acids in the composition contribute to the fact that krepatura after training is easier to tolerate and not so painful.


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