Carbohydrates (Carbo) NUTREND Carbonex 12 tab


CARBONEX created for:

– immediate supply of energy to the body,

– stimulation and replenishment of the body's energy reserves,

– elimination and prevention of energy crises during physical activity,

– increase and maintain concentration,

– to ensure the best quality of physical activity and maximum endurance of the body

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The most effective and fast-acting means of providing the body with energy, made in a convenient form in the form of tablets with a great taste. The product is characterized by an optimal ratio of simple and complex carbohydrates with the addition of functional active ingredients (caffeine, taurine, L-tyrosine, creatine, vitamin C and magnesium). Designed for immediate supply of the body with rapidly digestible energy, stimulation and saturation of the body with energy, increasing and maintaining concentration, enhancing physical activity and achieving its maximum efficiency.

carbonex is the most effective and fast-acting means of providing the body with energy. It is produced in a convenient form in the form of tablets with a pleasant taste. Increasing the saturation of the body with energy and its stimulation is very effective due to the fact that when the tablet is dissolved in the mouth, some of the active substances through the mucous membrane enter directly into the body. This mechanism provides an immediate effect and maximum digestibility of the product. The source of energy necessary for muscle work are simple and complex carbohydrates, presented in the product in the optimal ratio.The stimulating effect and saturation of the body with energy is due to a number of such effective components as caffeine, taurine and L-tyrosine. Their action is further enhanced by the presence of carbohydrates in the composition of the product. In addition, creatine is present in the formulation to increase the energy potential of the body. The formulation also includes branched chain amino acids, vitamin C and magnesium.

Characteristics of active ingredients:

The recipe of the product is based on a verified ratio of sugars, which helps the body to better use them. The source of sugars is dextrose (glucose) and fructose. The sugar composition is replaced by maltodextrin with a dextrose equivalent of 10.

This energy blend is supplemented with an amino acid called taurine, which helps maintain concentration during physical activity or other form of stress. In addition to taurine, the product contains caffeine, which also stimulates the central nervous system, has a positive effect on brain activity, fights fatigue and speeds up the process of converting fats into energy. L-tyrosine significantly contributes to the maintenance of physical activity, as it prevents fatigue resulting from prolonged physical activity. The addition of Branched Chain Amino Acids helps to protect muscle mass during physical activity and, at the same time, is an effective source of energy when needed. Reatin monohydrate has been added to the product to increase the energy potential of the body.

L-carnosine and L-alanine help to slow down the effects of increased lactic acid production during intense muscle work, which can be a decisive factor in the final stage. In addition, the presence of magnesium in the formulation allows you to optimize muscle activity and prevent the occurrence of seizures. Finally, vitamin C is added to help the body resist the damaging effects of free radicals produced during exercise.


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