Creatine Anabolic – 900g


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Creatine is a carboxylic acid containing nitrogen. This substance was discovered back in 1836 as an unknown component of skeletal muscles.

What are the positive effects of creatine?

  • Increase in muscle strength.
  • Building "dry" muscle mass.
  • Acquisition of relief and muscle density.
  • Increasing the production of anabolism hormones.
  • For the purpose of losing weight (by increasing the intensity of training).
  • Buffer lactic acid and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.
  • Strengthening the health of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Creatine is an organic substance found naturally in muscle tissue. This compound is a derivative of amino acids, very similar in molecular structure to them. It is synthesized from the amino acids arginine, methionine and glycine. The body can be supplied with creatine through a diet rich in protein, meat and fish, or through dietary supplements. Its main function is to provide enough energy to contract muscles and reduce or delay fatigue.


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