Energy gels and electrolytes Sponser Liquid energy Plus 40×35 grams



Liquid energy Plus is a new, easy-to-use sports nutrition designed consciously for those who need a bonus supply of energy while performing training exercises. This product has a gel-like consistency, making this product convenient and easy to use. Also, the gel, unlike many gels, has a neutral taste, not sweet.

This product contains substances that affect both the nervous system and certain muscle groups, which allows you to increase the level of endurance and stamina of athletes in competitions or simply in the process of strength exercises. The main ingredients – taurine and fructose – are absolutely harmless to the human body system, and by their actions they make the energy processing systems work more slowly, thereby lengthening your stamina. Additionally, the product contains caffeine and inosine. It is recommended to consume half a tube thirty minutes before training. It is important to drink Liquid energy Plus with a sufficient amount of liquid.


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