Fat Burner NUTREND Fat Direct 60 capsules


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This product is specifically designed to help reduce body fat while you sleep. The carefully crafted recipe features wakame seaweed, garcinia cambogia and green coffee extract (decaffeinated). FatDirect does not contain any stimulants and is therefore intended for use in the evening – 1 capsule 30 minutes before bedtime.

An effective assistant in dieting. Fat Direct attacks your fatty tissue from several fronts. The action of FAT DIRECT is based on the synergistic (parallel) action of traditional plant extracts and substances that play a key role in fat metabolism.

By following a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet at the same time, and using Fat Direct, you can begin to use your adipose tissues more effectively in your daily life as a source of energy.

Fat Direct helps:

  • reduce the amount of adipose tissue,
  • reduce fat deposits
  • speed up metabolic processes,
  • reduce and control appetite.


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