GymBeam Chlorella Powder Special Supplement – 250g


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BIO Chlorella Powder is a 100% organic product made from Chlorella vulgaris, one of the oldest freshwater algae on earth. Chlorella is a popular dietary supplement due to its exceptional ingredients. It contains proteins as well as vitamins B2, B3, B12, D or iron. Their adequate supplementation has a number of benefits for the body. Key benefits include promoting proper immunity and metabolism, reducing fatigue and exhaustion, and supporting nervous system function.

Chlorella is also popular with vegans because it is a bioavailable form of vitamin B12 and a source of iron. It has a pleasant green color, which indicates the content in it of the dye of a green plant – chlorophyll. You can perfectly enrich your favorite meals or drinks with it, thereby improving its nutritional profile. Mix it with your morning cereal and start your day with a great serving of nutrients!


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