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Maxler Mega Gainer 4540g is a reduced whey protein carbohydrate blend designed to provide energy support to the body before and during exercise. Simple (dextrose) and complex (maltodextrin) carbohydrates in Mega Gainer provide energy to the body during a long workout, and a rich vitamin and mineral complex compensates for the loss of micronutrients during dehydration due to increased loads. Mega Gainer is recommended to be used by all categories of athletes to get quick energy support before any kind of physical activity. Also, this product is great for gaining and maintaining overall body weight.

Suggested Use: For one serving, mix 75g (4 tablespoons*) of powder with 500ml of skimmed milk (1.5%) or water. Mega Gainer is great for both pre-workout use (approximately 15-20 minutes) and energy balance recovery immediately after. When using the product during a workout, it is recommended to mix it with water to reduce the total protein content in a serving.

Packing: Can 4540g

Flavors: Chocolate/Strawberry/Vanilla


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