Modafinil Stark Pharm Modafinil Plus – 20 capsules


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Dietary supplement Modafinil Plus (modafinil, theanine, guarana) is a complex of powerful optimizers and smooth body stimulators that will help you to be alert without the effect of short-term overstimulation.

Modafinil is a supplement widely used for learning and work due to its ability to concentrate, neutralize feelings of drowsiness, and fatigue.

Theanine – improves cognitive abilities, improves mood, strengthens the immune system. It is useful to take it with intense brain activity, while studying at the institute or with a busy work schedule. If you take theanine regularly, then there will be a strong sense of well-being and positive.

Guarana normalizes fat metabolism in the body, increases efficiency, and also stimulates the functions of the nervous system, has a good effect on chronic fatigue syndrome. Tannin, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B1 contained in guarana together improve heart function.


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