NUTREND Excelent Double Protein bar 85 grams


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What does almost every bodybuilder always have with him?

What helps out during acute outbreaks of brutal hunger? What fully saturates the muscles with proteins, returns energy to the body, while having a convenient shape and small volume? That's right, we are talking about the almighty protein bar, and if you guessed it a long time ago, then there are a couple of them in your bag.
Suddenly, you still haven’t had time to try the nutritious, heavenly-flavored Excelent Double Protein bar from the Nutrend brand, by all means do it! Such a small bar, and so much protein! Your muscles will be delighted. A super powerful double whammy for appetite and muscle protein starvation is delivered by Nutrend Snack. And it is also very convenient to take it with you all the time, because no one knows what a new day has prepared for you, where and what you will have a snack. A double protein bar will perfectly help out in any situation, fully saturate you and fill muscle tissues with such necessary substances. A high-quality product with a convenient form factor and individually sealed packaging is simply indispensable for every active person, given the crazy pace of life of a modern person.
The composition of the protein magic stick contains 24% of selected, exemplary quality of protein, BCAA, L-glutamine, as well as vitamins necessary for the body during the day. Such an incredibly active biological composition will help you solve the problem of suddenly overtaken by hunger, nourish your muscles, replenish the body's energy resource.The Nutrend Protein Bar is the perfect support for the active growth of new muscle mass, it will be useful for efficient, faster recovery of the body after each physical activity.
Excelent Double Protein bars are able to arrange a real feast of taste for those who choose them as ideal protein snacks. Delicate yogurt or chocolate wraps the two-layer base of the bar, and nuts or fragrant fruits are decorated on top. It is impossible to resist even people who are indifferent to sweets. Verified!
Choose the double pleasure of Nutrend snacks throughout the day: qualitatively increase the volume of muscles, while getting gastronomic pleasure.

Don't forget to buy Nutrend Excelent Double Protein bar 85g and get active!


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