Olimp Labs HMB Mega Caps (1250mg) blister 30 caps


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Food supplement in capsules – contains -hydroxy–calcium methylbutyrate. This product supplements the diet with -hydroxy–calcium methylbutyrate. It inhibits protein catabolism, the accumulation of reserve fat. This formula is intended for physically active people as an agent that improves stamina and promotes the reduction of adipose tissue and the development of muscle strength and mass. HMB (-hydroxy–methylbutyrate) is a biologically active food ingredient from the group of short-branched fatty acids. Numerous studies have shown that HMB can help develop muscle mass through its positive effect on the accumulation of muscle proteins and fat. Literature sources show that HMB has this course of action due to: – Kinase activation – enzymes that have secondary information characteristics in the process of protein synthesis – Collaboration with kinases in the activation of initiation complexes, the starting step in protein synthesis called elongation – Inactivation of catabolic enzymes that degrade muscle proteins – Activation of steroidogenesis – a pathway for the synthesis of steroid compounds, including anabolic steroid hormones such as testosterone – into the flow to PPAR activity – a receptor for fatty acids that stimulates the synthesis of red muscle fibers and the production of many proteins involved in transport and burning fatty acids. Application: HMB is recommended as a means of facilitating and accelerating adaptation to physical activity (development of weight, muscle strength and endurance and aerobic capacity) for physically active people and athletes, as well as – as a means to promote the reduction of adipose tissue and limit the loss of muscle mass in weight loss programs in sports or while dieting.


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