OstroVit Garlic Special Supplement 90 caps


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OstroVit Garlic is a dietary supplement in capsules containing aromatic oil from fresh garlic bulbs. The supplement may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, physical and sexual fitness, cognitive function, and overall resistance to various types of infections. The special odorless formula strips it of its specific odor, making supplementation easier for people, especially those with sensitive senses.

  • 45 servings per pack
  • 2 capsules per day
  • Extract corresponds to 2000 mg of fresh garlic bulb
  • 4 mg odorless oil
  • 2 mg allicin
  • Superfood superfood in softgels

Island Garlic

Allium sativum L., more commonly known as garlic, is one of the best-studied plant foods for its positive effects on human health and well-being. For centuries, it has been used primarily as an indispensable spice flavor in the kitchens of virtually the entire world. Garlic is known for its specific sulfuric smell, which releases the main compound – allicin. This is a kind of self-defense mechanism of the plant, protecting it from pests and insects. Many of us have heard about garlic that health is the same. And indeed it is. From generation to generation, family members have mentioned its beneficial effects, but not everyone was able to convince him because of this terrible because of the most unpleasant smell.

Thanks to the special formula of the odorless oil, by placing it in a gel capsule, we got a full-fledged product with the properties of fresh garlic.This is an excellent supplement that can not only support the proper functioning of the circulatory system, but also has antibacterial and antifungal functions. It can improve fitness, but don't forget that garlic is actually a sensational aphrodisiac (here, especially our fragrance-free product will not be replaced). Garlic boosts the overall immunity of the body and can also lower blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Properties Ostrovit Garlic

  • It can contribute to the overall improvement of the body's immunity.
  • Great aphrodisiac
  • May be bactericidal and fungicidal
  • It may lower high blood pressure
  • Shows the effect of lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels
  • It can help slow down the aging process
  • May contribute to airway decontamination


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