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OstroVit R-ALA – is the highest quality dietary supplement in tablets that supplements the diet with R-alpha lipoic acid. Many believe that the active substance is one of the leading antioxidants, which are invaluable and necessary in the diet of every person. It is the basis for the proper functioning of your body. The recommended supplement guarantees the quality and careful selection of each ingredient.

100% quality and care for the goods – this is the OstroVit brand!

  • 90 tablets = 90 supplement servings
  • 100 mg active ingredient
  • All you need is one tablet a day
  • Highly bioavailable (R) alpha-lipoic acid isomer
  • Active ingredient found in nature

R-ALA (R-alpha lipoic acid)
R-alpha lipoic acid is one of the enantiomers of alpha lipoic acid, commonly known as ALA.

This naturally occurring isomer is a pre-purified compound from S-alpha-lipoic acid, whose action by itself, unlike its R-enantiomer, is practically useless in humans, since it does not show bioavailability in our body. R-alpha lipoic acid finds great use among athletes as it improves the body's sensitivity to insulin and has an extended effect of increasing the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins or creatine. However, the main role and benefit here is antioxidant activity, which protects our body molecules from oxidation, which can lead to oxidative stress and interference with DNA proteins, which implies tissue damage and rapid aging of the body.R-ALA is a great supplement for people who value overall health, which in heavy professional sports is the basis for becoming not only better than others.

OstroVit R-ALA properties

  • Increases insulin sensitivity and stabilizes blood glucose levels.
  • Supports the absorption of important nutrients (such as vitamin C or E)
  • Has a protective effect on our mitochondria
  • May help slow down the aging process
  • One of the strongest antioxidants
  • Has an anti-catabolic effect
  • May help break down triglycerides and lower cholesterol.


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