Other GymBeam equipment Armblaster (biceps isolator)


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The Blaster Biceps Isolator will help you get the most out of your biceps while maintaining proper form. It is made of iron and designed to be worn around the neck. This helps stabilize the arms, allowing you to maintain proper posture for proper bicep isolation.

Thus, it provides the correct range of motion and prevents the body from rocking to lift the weight during the biceps curl exercise. The Blaster Biceps Isolator will add a new dimension to your workout, allowing you to engage your biceps like never before. In this way, you can achieve more momentum for the growth of the biceps.

Blaster biceps isolator and its benefits

  • practical training tool
  • hard iron
  • used for isolated bicep exercises
  • prevents body sway during bicep exercises

Dimensions: Length – 58.8 cm, Width – 10 cm, Height – 8 cm.


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