Power System Fitness Mat Premium PS-4088 Blue


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Power System PS-4088 Fitness Mat Premium Yoga Mat Premium PS-4088 is a professional yoga mat suitable for all types of yoga. It has excellent anti-slip properties. Does not slip even with intense sweating. A quality and durable fitness and yoga mat is a very important component of an effective and enjoyable workout. This professional mat will become an indispensable assistant for various workouts – including aerobics, Pilates and yoga classes. The mat is the right size and soft enough to create a nice soft yet firm surface for training. The non-slip mat makes exercise comfortable and safe. The rug is soft, its surface easily takes the shape of the body. It will provide you with comfort and stability when practicing yoga. The mat does not stretch during practice. Features: Improves muscle tone, stability and posture. Ideal for Pilates and fitness. Easy to clean after use. Not slippery surface. Pleasant to the touch. Has a built-in carry strap. Made from 100% EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) keeping the same shape even when compressed Dimensions (cm): length: 140 width: 60 thickness: 1.5 Weight (kg): 1


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