Power System Ultra Jump Rope PS-4064 Silver


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Power System Ultra Jump Rope PS-4064

Purpose: for fitness at home and in the gym.

The Power System speed rope is an excellent piece of equipment that is suitable for athletes to warm up before training, for fitness and aerobics, as well as for those who just want to keep their body in good shape and get rid of extra pounds. The rope is equipped with innovative conical handles made of very durable metal. Their diameter is 1.3 cm, length – 13 cm. This design is very comfortable, the handles lie comfortably in the palms, do not slip off and do not rub the skin. Robust swivel mechanism and vinyl-coated metal cord provide high-speed spins of over 200 rpm. Due to the extreme aerodynamics and low frictional force on the air, the rope can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in case of a sufficiently strong wind. The length of the cord is 2.8 meters, but it can be easily adjusted depending on the height using the adjustment screw. Due to the light weight, only 150 g, and smooth scrolling, there is no excessive load on the forearms when practicing with this rope.


* The speed rope is an effective tool for cardio workouts

* Incredible rotation speed.

* The unique ability to easily modify the length of the rope.

* High quality rope.

* One of a kind wonderful design.


Dimensions (cm):

length: 274

Color: metal

Attention! Each rope corresponds to the parameters that are indicated in the characteristics. To adjust the length of the rope, shorten the rope yourself.

Attention: Before shortening the rope, make sure that you have correctly measured the length of the rope you need.


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