Pre-workout complex Weider Beta-Alanine 120 caps


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Weider's Beta-Alanine is beta-alanine in convenient, practical capsules. It is a component of carnosine, and in this form stops muscle acidification during training.
With a sufficient amount of intake of beta-alanine, an increase in the duration of training is observed. There is an increase in the effectiveness of the amino acid.
The action of Beta-Alanine Weider.
Among other positive effects: increased levels of carnosine, increased muscle endurance, protection of muscles from destruction, destruction of free radicals, removal of heavy metals from the body, stroke prevention, rejuvenation.

Product contains: gelatin, iron oxide and magnesium stearate, carnosine.

Taking the product leads to the normalization of eye function and the prevention of various eye diseases, the prevention of diseases of the digestive system of the body.
The advantage of Beta-Alanine Weider is that: the product does not change the hormonal background in the body, does not contain carbohydrates and fats.

The product is safe for your health.

Usage: It is recommended to take as a supplement every day 2 caps. twice daily.
The optimal time will be: 2 capsules after breakfast, as well as 2 capsules before workouts or after dinner.


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