Rocktape Designer 5m x 5cm


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We offer to protect yourself from injuries and buy Rocktape Designer 5m x 5cm (RockTape) a stylish and elastic tape that will protect you from muscle strains and fix the damaged area so that you can continue training and go to your goal, regardless of unforeseen obstacles.

Performances and competitions under any circumstances must be held at the highest level, and therefore modern sports equipment and accessories that will reduce the risk of injury and help to cope with the already existing deformation of the muscles and tendons must be in the arsenal of any athlete.
So, the presented teip is the so-called tape (nylon + cotton), which has a special elasticity akin to skin, and is literally a salvation, if necessary, to improve blood circulation, muffle pain, improve muscle hypertonicity, protect them from overload, reduce various kinds of inflammation, and also reliably fix the injured part of the body.
The hypoallergenic kinesio tape is decorated with a pattern, which will make performances and training even brighter and bring something new to the sports look, the tape is waterproof and perfectly attached to the skin.


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