Rope Devotion pink


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Rope Devotion is a modern cordless jump rope that will allow you to play sports anytime and anywhere. Instead of a long rope, it is equipped with two weighted balls on each handle. The rotation of the handles creates the feel of a skipping rope, while eliminating the risk of tripping over the cord or hitting the furniture around. The jump rope can be used by beginners. It is suitable for training at home, outdoors or in the gym and is ideal for weight loss and endurance development.

In addition, beginner athletes can use the rope. It is especially useful for those who have difficulty coordinating the movements of the arms and legs necessary for jumping rope. The handles are soft, very comfortable and make it possible to attach a cord, turning the device into an ordinary jump rope.

This is a very practical sports accessory that you will use for cardio and HIIT. In addition, it is great for warming up before strength training. Using jump rope will enrich your training program and provide you with a great way to effectively burn calories, promote weight loss, and also increase endurance. The set includes a practical bag for storing and carrying the rope, whether you are heading to the gym, outdoors or on vacation.



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