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GW0742 is a potent, highly selective PPARβ/δ receptor agonist and belongs to the group of SPPARMs (selective PPAR modulators). It exhibits 1000-fold selectivity over other human PPAR subtypes. PPAR agonists play an important role in the treatment of cardiometabolic disorders due to obesity and complications associated with it. GW0742 outperforms its predecessor GW501516 with improved synthesis and higher bioavailability for fat burning and performance enhancement. It is worth noting that this drug does not lower blood sugar levels.

GW0742 properties:

Effectively and quickly burns fat.

Increases endurance.

Maintains muscle mass.

Such properties of the drug made it popular among bodybuilders. With GW0742, you can achieve high muscle definition before the competition.

The drug is non-toxic to the liver and has no side effects.


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