Soy protein Scitec Nutrition Soy Pro 910 grams


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New Improved Soy Protein has gone through a series of "plastic" surgeries and treatments. You will notice these changes the first time you open the jar. We've improved flavor, protein quality and more. The current soy protein is just great compared to the old one. Also new soy protein contains 100% soy treated with water. What is the difference? Unlike alcohol-treated soy, our water-treated soy has higher levels of isoflavones (such as genistin, dejin) needed for health and better absorption of our new soy protein. You will also get a higher percentage of active amino acids such as glutamine, BCAAs and arginine. Each package will provide you with a large number of servings. Each serving contains more protein than the previous soy protein. There is nothing better in terms of taste and quality than Superior Soy Protein. – Not an animal source of protein! -FULL and high biological value of PROTEIN! – RECOMMENDED for vegetarians or those allergic to animal proteins! -BCAA and glutamine! Our non-GMO soy protein isolate (food). We offer this protein as an animal source alternative for vegetarians, those with lactose intolerance and milk allergies, or simply those looking for an economical protein. Soy protein is high in critical branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) as well as glutamine and arginine.


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