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Ashwagandha is a plant, Indian ginsengused in traditional medicine as an adaptogen. Fights stress and many problems caused by it. Ashwagandha also has other nicknames: “winter cherry”, “sunny physalis”, “Ethiopian agol”.

Ashwagandha is an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire. The level of cortisol, one of the main culprits of human stress, is significantly reduced (up to 28%). Cortisol is responsible for excessive visceral fat deposits, insomnia, and emotional imbalance. It has a sedative effect, is considered a natural antidepressant. Stabilizes the emotional state.

Ashwagandha helps to stop the progression of oncological tumors. This drug is used for prophylactic purposes to prevent the appearance of dangerous neoplasms. It normalizes the level of glucose, there is an increase in the amount of hemoglobin, the level of cholesterol falls, biochemical processes in the body normalize.

Due to the absence of an increase in blood pressure when taking this drug, it is suitable even for hypertensive patients.
An excellent anti-aging drug that also reduces cravings for sweets and starchy foods, this is great for those who follow a low-carb diet or have an unhealthy craving for alcoholic products.

Renews the microflora, which improves the functioning of the stomach. Thanks to this plant, it is possible to stop inflammatory processes and accelerate the regeneration of affected body cells.

The drug can speed up wound healing, but for this, an ointment or paste must be applied to the wound, or Ashwagandha should be used in other forms.

Restores immunity, the body becomes more resistant to viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

And finally, it helps to strengthen the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and other fibers of the body.



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