Specialty Supplement MST Healthy Ecdysterone – 90 caps


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MST Ecdysterone Healthy 90 Caps – a food supplement based on the natural compound of the steroid structure ecdysterone HPLC from Turkestan ayuga, which enhances protein synthesis in the body, increases efficiency and accelerates the recovery process after physical exertion.

Properties of ecdysterone:

  • strengthens cell membranes
  • significantly increases lean muscle mass
  • increases stamina
  • speeds up metabolism
  • improves almost all body functions, including brain and liver function
  • improves protein synthesis, including in the nervous tissue, thereby improving the functioning of the nervous system
  • maintains a positive nitrogen balance
  • increases total muscle protein and glycogen content
  • fills muscles and organs with nutrients, providing more effective recovery processes in all vertebrates, including humans
  • improves athletic performance through the ability to increase performance and stimulate muscle growth
  • safe and effective for men, women and even teenagers


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