Synephrine NUTREND Synephrine 60 caps


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Nutrend Synephrine 60 caps With its help, the process of thermogenesis (heat production) in the body increases, which increases energy consumption throughout the day. This process occurs both at rest and during physical activity.

The main function of synephrine is its ability to cause a deceptive feeling of cold in the body (synephrine affects the receptors – you do not physically feel cold), the body begins to produce more heat, for which it uses more energy produced from adipose tissue.

Thus, synephrine promotes weight loss.

SYNEPHRINE speeds up and stimulates metabolism – this increases energy consumption.

One capsule contains 125 mg of Pomeranz extract (10 mg of pure synephrine is the maximum allowed dose).

SYNEPHRINE promotes:

• The process of thermogenesis (both during rest and during activity)

• Weight loss

• Energy production throughout the day

• Stimulation of the body

• Decreased fat reserves


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