Taurine OstroVit Pure Taurine 300g


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Almost every bodybuilder includes various types of protein and creatine in their personal list of essential supplements, to improve the synthesis of which the OstroVit team recommends buying Pure Taurine (300 g). Such an amino acid will allow you to fully assimilate the protein that enters the athlete's body, as well as get the maximum efficiency from taking creatine due to its rapid transport to the muscles.

Unfortunately, the amount of amino acid that the body produces on its own is not enough to meet the requirements of the body of athletes and physically active people, so the presented supplement is useful to anyone who wants to get the maximum effect from sports supplements.

By itself, taurine is also a powerful anti-catabolic amino acid, significantly reducing the likelihood of premature fatigue during exercise, regulates fat metabolism, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, stimulates anabolism, and also allows you to train at full strength and makes workouts much more productive.


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