Trec Nutrition Fat Transporter 90 tabs


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Fat Transporter is designed to fight fat. The main task of the complex is to speed up the metabolism. In this process, a large amount of energy is released, which helps to increase the efficiency and endurance of the body. The composition of the sports supplement includes L-carnitine, choline, inositol and taurine. This complex not only effectively breaks down fats and contributes to their rapid removal from the body, but also helps to overcome nervous tension and stress. An insufficient amount of inositol in the body leads to male infertility, thus, Fat Transporter promotes the production of sperm in the body. Additional components that make up the supplement include vitamin B6 (affects the growth rate of lean muscles) and chromium (reduces appetite). Regular intake of Fat Transporter helps to reduce body weight and normalize metabolic processes in the body. Method of application: twice a day for 30 – 40 minutes before meals.


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