Trec Nutrition Lipo Pack 30 sachets


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Product description

Lipo X Pack Z-9 is a multi-component preparation designed to reduce excess adipose tissue. The drug not only "burns" the fat existing in the body, but also limits the appearance of a new one in people who are not able to follow the diet.
Lipo X Pack Z-9 includes substances of thermogenic action (increases body temperature), which leads to an acceleration of metabolism and calorie burning. The lipotropic substances of this drug process and eliminate fat molecules from the body.
Lipo X Pack Z-9 also contains blood sugar stabilizing substances that act as "appetite blockers" in the body, thereby limiting the creation of fatty tissue and excess sugar. Thanks to this, an effective fight against adipose tissue occurs. In addition to fat reducers, Lipo X Pack Z-9 contains anti-catabolic ingredients HMB and branched-chain amino acids BCAA. These components are extremely important in the cycle of reducing body weight, as they protect muscles from damage, and contribute to the achievement of a slim figure. The drug is especially recommended for bodybuilders and other athletes during the formation of muscle shape. The action of the drug will also help a low-calorie diet and physical activity, which will make burning excess fat more intense.


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