Tribulus Body Attack Tribulus 2400 – 150 Caps


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Tribulus 2400 by Body Attack is derived from approximately 90 percent of the highest quality Tribulus Terrestris extract, not the usual Tribulus plant extracts. Two Body Attack Tribulus 2400 capsules contain 2400 mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract. Its 960 mg are composed of saponins. Saponins are also found in legumes, which contain proteins in addition to the essential amino acids. The proteins in it can contribute to the development of muscle mass, as they provide the nitrogen molecules that the body needs for the development of the body and muscle tissue. The saponins in Body Attack Tribulus 2400 also contain a nitrogen-like compound and may be involved in nitrogen balance through a variety of metabolic processes.

In particular, bodybuilders who eat exclusively animal proteins such as fish, meat and dairy products can optimize their amino acid and nitrogen balance by increasing the inclusion of plant proteins such as legumes. In particular, if the goal of training is muscle growth, proteins and their nitrogen molecules are the best sources. While Body Attack Tribulus 2400 is not a replacement for pulses, it can help supplement a protein and nitrogen-rich diet.


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