Tribulus Trec Nutrition Tribulon Black 120 caps


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Tribulon Black is a unique formulation designed to support natural testosterone production. It includes a record dose of highly active Tribulus terrestris steroids. This herb has long been known for its tonic and libidinal properties. Have you ever thought that for some reason, muscles grow quickly in some people, while others need to work hard on every kilogram of muscle mass. Intensive sports and the availability of muscle-building components are quite important. But hormones play the most important role in muscle growth, because they are able to influence the growth process. The main hormone is testosterone, which not only has an effect on the main male sexual characteristics, but also affects the synthesis of new proteins for muscle growth and recovery. Many factors disrupt the production of this essential hormone. After 25 years, its level decreases, and the situation is aggravated by alcohol, stress, smoking, unhealthy diet and low physical activity. As a result, hormonal balance is disturbed and sexual activity decreases, so it becomes difficult to maintain a beautiful figure. Take this drug as a supplement to your diet. It optimizes anabolic processes and stimulates the burning of fat reserves.

The recommended daily portion is 2 capsules. On training days: 2 capsules 30 min. before training. Non-training days: 2 capsules 30 minutes. before sleep.


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