Vansiton L-Glutamine 300 caps


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L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. L-glutamine protects muscle cells from destruction, improves strength, physical performance and endurance, and increases muscle mass.

Under normal conditions, L-glutamine is produced in the body from other essential amino acids, but under conditions of stress (high physical or psycho-emotional stress), its synthesis in the body is sharply reduced, while it is extremely necessary for the body in these situations.

L-glutamine is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the brain, increases the energy of the central nervous system (relieves the state of lethargy). He is an active participant in nitrogen metabolism. It helps to remove excess ammonia from the tissues of the body and, above all, from the tissues of the brain.

L-glutamine is found in large quantities in muscle tissues, and promotes increased synthesis of skeletal muscle cells.

L-arginine, which is part of the capsules, dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood supply to muscle cells, facilitating and accelerating the transport of L-glutamine to them.


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