Vegetable Protein Scitec Nutrition Protein 100% Vegan Protein – 1kg


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  • 100% vegan protein
  • Sugarless
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives

What are the benefits of vegetable protein?

Plant foods that are high in protein are also high in fiber. It affects the functioning of the intestines and the composition of its microflora, removes toxins and cholesterol, normalizes glucose levels, and creates a feeling of satiety.

If you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, or for some other reason (such as an intolerance) choose not to consume animal proteins, you will need to explore your plant protein source options. However, they do not have a complete amino acid profile, because even if they contain all the essential amino acids, their relative ratio does not correspond to human needs, unlike animal protein sources. Since protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscles, as well as to the maintenance of normal bone structure, it is necessary and important to consume the optimal amount of quality protein, even if you lead a vegan lifestyle.

What should you do? You need to combine several types of plant proteins to make up for these shortcomings. 100% Vegan Protein contains five different vegetable protein sources. It is sugar and gluten free, contains no preservatives, and is fortified with vitamin B12, which plays an important role in reducing malnutrition and is an essential vitamin for everyone, whether vegan or not.

So, if you're looking for a vegan protein combo source, look no further!



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