Water bottle BioTech USA Gallon Biotech – 2200 ml (Light blue)


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  • Volume 2.2 l
  • Made in the European Union
  • BIO*, high quality plastic
  • Free of BPA and DEHP
  • Exceptionally unique, modern design
  • 100% leak proof
  • Wide mouth, fits large plastic scoop
  • Also ideal for BCAAs
  • Practical handle and bottle cap.
  • For indoor and outdoor activities
  • Due to its capacity, there is no need to refuel during
    training time.
    *From certified organic ingredients

An excellent water bottle that can hold up to 2200 ml of your favorite drink. Some will think that this is a lot. But for example, on a hot day, when we go for a workout or a long bike ride, the body quickly uses up moisture reserves. Water evaporates with breathing, from the surface of the skin, a lot of it is lost with sweat – as a result, dehydration creeps up unnoticed. On a hot day, with active physical activity, a person can lose up to 11.5 liters of water in 8 hours. And the loss of already 2% of moisture (for an athlete weighing 80 kg, this is a little more than 1 liter) leads to a noticeable deterioration in well-being and a decrease in performance – fatigue, loss of strength, a decrease in mood, a slowdown in metabolism, etc. Work efficiency drops, and on a hot day there is still a danger of getting a heat stroke due to a slowdown in the rate of removal of excess heat (reduction in sweating, for example). If moisture reserves are not replenished urgently, then a slowdown in metabolism will lead to a drop in performance over the next few days and greatly slow down the recovery rate. Therefore, it is so important to always carry enough water with you (well, or better, isotonic). The bottle from Biotech makes it possible.The moisture reserve in it is on average enough for rehydration after 2-3 hours of active work (training). If your body weight is less and you are just going to walk around the city, then this supply of water will be enough for you for the whole day.


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