Weider Fresh Up Concentrate 1000 ml


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Scientists have long proven that nutrients are best absorbed in liquid form. Rapid absorption of fluids is natural for humans, making it easier for the digestive system to absorb vitamins and minerals. In addition, the constant maintenance of the water level in the body is another task that stands in our way every day. Treat yourself to health and try Fresh Up Concentrate!

What it is? Fresh Up by Weider is a compact form of a concentrated vitamin and mineral complex, the drink of Gods and athletes with impressive sports ambitions! Every time after a workout, when the adrenaline stimulus wears off, you feel tired and lethargic. No wonder, because the body is not aware of the situation in which it is. For him, the rule seems to work: grow muscles or die! All forces, reserves of nutrients are thrown into consumption. Without them, the development of bodily forms stops. Drink Fresh Up Concentrate and restore natural balance! Just a few sips will support your immunity, give new strength, increase metabolism. The effectiveness of your training will increase.


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