Whey protein EXTRIFIT Eiweiss 100 – 750 g


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MEGAMAX Protein 100 VANILLA is a powder from MEGAMAX Nutrition.

MEGAMAX Protein 100 consists of milk protein (= casein) and whey protein (= whey protein). This combination of proteins has a high biological value and supplies the body with all the essential amino acids. MEGAMAX Protein 100 helps your body gain and maintain muscle mass and also helps maintain healthy bones. In addition, MEGAMAX Protein 100 contains a number of important vitamins. Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal functioning of your energy metabolism, and vitamin C supports the normal function of your immune system during and after intense physical activity. Protein is made up of amino acids and serves as the body's most important building block for muscles, connective tissue, supporting tissue, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, and more.

MEGAMAX Protein 100 contains casein, which is slowly metabolized, providing the body with protein for approximately 7 hours. Whey protein (whey protein) is a high-quality protein that is digested particularly quickly. In a two-component protein, "slow" and "fast" proteins are combined. It is ideal for strength and endurance sports and as part of a diet plan, especially on a low carb diet.

MEGAMAX Protein 100 VANILLA is ideal for building and maintaining muscle mass, dieting, strength training and endurance sports.

Special Ingredients:

  • Whey Protein
  • milk protein
  • casein
  • vitamins
  • magnesium


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