Whey protein GymBeam Hydro Whey DH 32 – 2500 g


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Hydro Whey DH 32 is a hydrolyzed whey protein with 76% protein and low carbohydrate and fat content. Its main component is fast absorbing and digestible whey hydrolyzate and whey peptides with high biological value and excellent amino acid profile. Hydrolyzed whey protein is considered the purest source of protein, moreover, Hydro Whey has up to 32% hydrolysis. Enzymatic hydrolysis breaks down protein chains into shorter peptides, allowing faster protein digestion and absorption.

Hydro Whey DH 32 contains high quality ingredients, so a 30g serving contains 23g of quality protein, only 1.1g of carbs and just 0.9g of fat. It is ideal for all athletes looking to accelerate non-fat muscle growth, protect muscles from damage, maximize athletic performance and speed up post-workout recovery. Hydro Whey is hydrolyzed and pre-digested, ensuring fast protein digestion and absorption, excellent solubility and a delicious taste.


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