Whey protein POWER PRO Whey Protein 2000 grams


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Check out POWER PRO Whey Protein, which combines whey concentrate, whey hydrolyzate and whey isolate to provide a triple anabolic effect and perfectly protect muscles from catabolism. This is not only a high-quality protein product, but also a powerful amino formula akin to the natural amino acid composition of an athlete's muscle fibers. We recommend buying Whey Protein (2 kg) to those athletes for whom all three stages of the protein effect are important: good absorption, a powerful effect for building relief muscles, as well as muscle protection and recovery. Due to high-quality amino acid nutrition, the consumption of such a protein will become a new impetus for more intense workouts and an increase in strength indicators, and a dense protein component will enhance protein synthesis and metabolism. Another plus of this protein is the variety of essential vitamins and minerals for the bodybuilder's health (flax as a source of omega-3, ursolic acid to prevent muscle atrophy, as well as minerals for immunity). Here is the perfect protein to optimize your sports diet: zero fat and carbohydrates, a variety of useful components and valuable protein at the forefront!


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