Whey Protein Powerful Progress 100% Whey Protein Instant – 1000 g


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100% WHEY PROTEIN INSTANT among other proteins, it is distinguished by a high degree of naturalness and purification from sugar, gluten and other unnecessary impurities. Thanks to the latest protein ultrafiltration technology, we have achieved a strong reduction in the level of lactose and gluten in the protein, to virtually zero. And the sugar content per serving of 32 grams is less than 1 gram (0.57 g).

The protein concentrates themselves, the so-called WHEY INSTANT, which serve as the basis for the 100% WHEY PROTEIN INSTANT protein, and especially whey concentrates, in terms of their amino acid composition, can be attributed to the most valuable proteins of animal origin among others.

In addition to its high protein content, 100% WHEY PROTEIN INSTANT is loaded with a powerful complex of 18 essential amino acids such as L-glutamine, L-lysine, L-leucine and others, which further enhance the recovery of the body after taking this whey protein. Thanks to the right technology of gentle protein purification, 100% WHEY PROTEIN preserves the vitamins, minerals and a complete amino acid profile that an athlete needs.

The protein is distinguished among others by its high content of glutamine – about 4000 mg per serving – an amino acid that is essential for post-workout recovery.


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