Whey protein ProSupps PS Whey protein 1.8 kg


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PS Whey protein 1.8 kg from ProSupps is the ideal addition to the dietary range of people involved in sports. The main active element of this product is pure protein, which is essential for muscle growth, since it is it that stimulates and supplies muscle fibers with the entire balance of necessary useful components. In addition to the listed advantages, PS Whey protein is a combination of high-quality isolate and whey protein concentrate. This synthesis assists in the process of increasing the volume of muscle tissue, and also prevents and slows down the process of muscle degeneration during training exercises. A bonus in this product is the addition of branched-chain amino acids to the composition, the effect of which on the human muscular system is extremely positive. PS Whey protein does not contain a lot of fat and carbohydrates, it is easily tolerated and digestible. Added to all this is the delicious taste of this product and its excellent solubility in liquid.


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