Whey protein Swedish supplements Lifestyle Whey – 1 kg


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Lifestyle Whey is one of the highest quality protein drinks with Swedish origins and an abundance of fantastic flavors.

A phenomenal composition with a perfect taste and at the same time an ideal source of protein, it is an easy solution for anyone who is looking for a product with a high biological value and a rich amino acid profile, while wanting to ensure effective regeneration of their muscles.

It is also ideal for those who want to build or. increase muscle mass or simply provide your body with enough protein, which is important for every body and its normal functioning.

  • maintaining an anabolic state,
  • strengthening immunity,
  • satisfaction of hunger,
  • protection of muscles from destruction by catabolic hormones,
  • acceleration of recovery after training,
  • stimulation of lipolysis,
  • can replace a full meal.



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