Whey protein Trec Nutrition Whey 100 2000 grams


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Whey 100 is a pure whey protein concentrate that is renowned as an ideal source of complete proteins. The drug is saturated with all the necessary amino acids for the formation of muscle tissue, such as BCAA and L-glutamine. It is quickly dissolved and absorbed, thereby stimulating anabolic processes in the body. During the production of WHEY 100, we used the finest pure whey protein concentrate. The drug is able to compensate for the protein deficiency that occurs in people who play hard sports or diet. L-leucine activates anabolic processes, and at this time, branched chain amino acids prevent the occurrence of harmful catabolic reactions. WHEY 100 is a versatile product for replenishing protein in the body for every day. When using the drug after a workout, you provide your muscles with building materials and a powerful impetus to growth.


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