Whey protein Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 2.27kg


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Iso Sensation – whey protein isolate.
Ultimate Nutrition has introduced Iso Sensation to the public, which contains 100% IsoChill, an isolate synthesized by ultra-low temperature microfiltration that guarantees a balance of adenatured bioactive whey proteins in conjunction with immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and glycopeptides.
Iso Sensation's one-of-a-kind formula contains Colostrum, the first food after birth. This substance is found in breast milk and supplies the body with the necessary elements, regulates biological and chemical processes. As the years go by, less of the immune factors needed to fight diseases and viruses are produced in the body. Colostrum promotes the synthesis of these factors.
Iso Sensation includes a glutamine complex. During times of stress, you need a lot of glutamine. Glutamine, obtained as a supplement, is quite useful. L-glutamine has the ability to anti-catabolism, saves muscle tissue, controls nitrogen levels. Easily soluble structured glutamine is incorporated into the formula.
Glutamine is found in especially large quantities in muscle cells, having the property of containing other amino acids at a small distance from itself, in a sense attracting them. All of them serve as material for the production of proteins inside the cell. At the same time, sodium seeps into the cell, which necessitates the delivery of water into the cell to reduce its concentration. Water, in turn, accelerates protein synthesis. In this way, conditions conducive to anabolism are formed.Protein structures increase in volume and quantity.
It is also worth noting that glutamine is the main substance for maintaining immunity. Its additional intake will allow you not to affect exhausting physical exertion on your resistance to disease.


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