Zinc Zinc chelate, 25 mg – 90 tabl


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Zinc chelate is a biologically active food supplement that contains zinc. Zinc performs many different functions in the body. In particular, zinc regulates the sebaceous glands, which is important for people with problematic and oily skin. Zinc deficiency can be a cause of acne (acne) in adolescents. An additional intake of zinc can help get rid of even chronic acne that stubbornly refrains from treatment.
Zinc also plays an important role in the regeneration of skin, hair, nails. It promotes the absorption of vitamin E and maintains its normal concentration in the blood. Zinc improves hair structure and prevents hair loss.
Zinc is indicated for prostate adenoma. It alleviates the symptoms of the disease, as it is involved in the processes of spermatogenesis and testosterone synthesis.


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